Jay is a 45-year-old Michigan man who says he pulls down six figures as a successful business consultant. He drives a luxury car; he has a smoking hot girlfriend. He also pees sitting down because his penis is caged by a hard-plastic harness the color of pink bubble gum. His girlfriend put it there, and she’s the only one who can take it off.


Oh, it gets better:

But while the harness was at first tight and uncomfortable, hindering both urination and ejaculation, Jay got used to its weight and has since grown to enjoy its embrace. All that worrying about coworkers or friends catching him with the thing on gives Jay an adrenaline rush like that of having sex in public. When the harness is finally removed by his girlfriend — for cleanings, certain social occasions or for intercourse — he says it’s like “a treat.” The release, freedom and delayed gratification makes these experiences special and, thus, more pleasurable.

We live in a strange, strange world.

Published On: April 19th, 2022Categories: Human Nature

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