Buffalo is heartbreaking precisely because this did not have to happen. An America true to its ideals would not be engaged in a Cold Civil War marked by a Supreme Court hostile to the rights of women and an influential right-wing hostile to people of color and underdogs of all stripes. Voter suppression would be impossible if we cared as much about the rights of citizenship as we did guns. Gun control, in a healthy democracy, should be a bipartisan issue, not one used to partisan political advantage. Right-wing extremism in our politics, media, and religious and democratic institutions provides oxygen for online hate communities that have now turned one time rhetorical fantasies into blood-soaked nightmares that harm us all.

Peniel E. Joseph for CNN

Only in American academia is a potential Supreme Court ruling striking down federal mandates on abortion the cause for a racist nut job gunning down a bunch of people in a supermarket.

Published On: May 17th, 2022Categories: Politics

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