I get it: Balloon releases are well-intended and can be pretty cool to watch and take part in. No one who releases balloons is saying, “Hey, let’s go dirty up the environment, y’all!”

But it’s an odd double-standard that we have in our society. Most people wouldn’t dream of chucking a piece of trash out their car window. And if a law enforcement officer saw you do it, you’d probably be issued a citation.

Letting a mylar balloon go is the exact same thing as throwing trash out your car window, and it’s time to start treating it as such.

No one is suggesting that people who release balloons are bad people. It’s just that this is an area where our society needs a little education. In many ways it’s similar to throwing cigarette butts out the window. Few people who flick out a cigarette butt onto the highway would throw out a pop bottle or even a gum wrapper. Yet they don’t think twice about their cigarette butts because we don’t associate cig butts with litter. Most people who are tossing their butts out the window aren’t bad people, but they need to be better educated on the fact that, yes, they are littering just as though they threw out a pop bottle.

And the same is true with releasing mylar balloons into the sky. What goes up must come down, and those balloons are going to land somewhere and remain there for years and years.

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Published On: April 4th, 2022Categories: Human Nature

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