Black women painfully watched the spectacle of an overly qualified Black woman getting vilified by people who are neither her intellectual nor moral peers. And during that bacchanalia of thinly disguised racial hatred and animus aimed at Jackson, Black women watched the members of the party that nominated her barely defend her. What was always going to be a difficult hearing turned into a brutal show of hatred by Republicans. And Democrats let it happen.


Let’s sum up the left’s response to the GOP’s hard-line questions Ketanji Brown Jackson: “Racism, racism, racism, racism, hatred, racism, disgusting bigotry, racism, racism, racism, racism, hatred, racism, racism, racism. And white supremacy”

It’s the same ol’ tired strategy that’s intended to fire up the base and vilify Republicans, while discrediting any criticism that’s being offered of a person or cause that’s near and dear to the left.

Make no mistake: Republicans’ questions for Biden’s Supreme Court nominee often veered into the realm of perplexing, and sometimes into the realm of stupid. Although Jackson’s response to Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., about the definition of a woman was downright laughable, what point did the question serve in the first place? And why should her religion have anything to do with her nomination (Sen. Lindsey Graham)?

But to suggest that Republicans’ questions for Jackson were born of racism or hatred is both predictable and boorish. A “brutal show of hatred”? I watched the confirmation hearings. That wasn’t a “brutal show of hatred.” At least not anymore than Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearings. Or Brett Kavanaugh’s.

The sauce that’s good for the goose isn’t good for the gander, after all … at least not to the intellectual superiors on the left. Just as “The View” host Sara Gaines, who hilariously claimed this week that it was okay for Democrats to ask about Barrett’s faith but not okay for Republicans to ask about Jackson’s. To be sure, Democrats would be crying foul no matter the race or the gender of Biden’s Supreme Court pick. But the fact that Biden’s pick is a black woman just cements the fact that the confirmation hearings were supposed to be a hands-off, whitewashed approach from both parties. Because you can’t dare question or criticize anything a black person does without being labeled a hate-mongering racist … unless, of course, the black person is a conservative, and then it’s completely okay to put them on blast. Just ask Tim Scott.

In fact, to our illustrious mainstream media, it’s racist if you ask Ketanji Brown Jackson about light sentences for pedophiles, but it’s somehow not racist if you slam Scott for betraying his race by cozying up to the party of “white supremacy.”

Furthering the case: Washington Post editorial board insists that tough questions on Ketanji Brown Jackson’s record is worse than falsely accusing Brett Kavanaugh of rape.

Published On: March 27th, 2022Categories: Politics

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