At a news conference Thursday for what was supposed to be a fishing event, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis took the opportunity to sneak in some fear-mongering about civil liberties and quarantines alongside the pressing issue of red snapper season: “You know with me in this chair, your freedoms are protected.”

That’s exactly what I am afraid of: the assertion of civil liberties at any cost.

USA Today

At least they’re no longer attempting to disguise their disdain (“fear,” in their words) of Americans’ civil liberties. Look, we all know there are limits to everything — including civil liberties. I talked about it last week with regard to social media and free speech. But imagine coming right out and saying you’re afraid of freedom. That’s what today’s far-left movement wants: freedoms curtailed so that Americans are forced to march lock-step to their agenda. Any effort to combat it is labeled by the mainstream media as “fear-mongering” or “extremism,” and usually “racism” or “bigotry” as well.

The USA Today writer goes on to talk about the “toxicity” of individualism, calling it “fundamentally unAmerican.” I mean, seriously? Individualism is the very heart and soul of America, and always has been.

She concludes her diatribe by accusing DeSantis of anarchy, and saying: “It will take reasonable-minded people across the political spectrum to fight him.”

Let’s not mistake what’s happening here. It isn’t about “anarchy” or “toxic individualism.” It’s about the far left and their allies in the press recognizing DeSantis as the GOP’s 2024 front-runner and a man who could very well be our next president. They made the mistake of being entertained by Donald Trump, treating him as a spectacle rather than a legitimate presidential contender, until it was too late and he was in the White House. They aren’t going to make that mistake twice. The attacks on everything DeSantis says or does will only intensify over the next 12 months. And, meanwhile, most of what DeSantis says or does is going to be red meat for voters, an attempt to heighten his profile among conservatives. The battle lines are drawn, and it’s going to be great political entertainment.

Published On: April 24th, 2022Categories: Politics

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