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Two crooks and a whole lot of disenfranchised constituents

April 11th, 2022|Politics|

Writing for the New York Post, Miranda Devine lays out the case for criminal conduct within the Biden family, including “Big Guy” himself:

Alarm bells are starting to ring in Democratic circles as the White House stonewalls in the face of increasing media inquiries. In two absurd statements in recent days, White House spokespeople said the president stands by his pre-election statement that Hunter never received any money from China, and he continues to deny that he knew anything about his son’s overseas business dealings.

Meanwhile, the House committee charged with investigating the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol says it has enough evidence to support criminal charges against Donald Trump, though the committee’s members cannot agree on whether to recommend charges.

In between our current leader and our most recent former leader are more than 330 million Americans who are being consistently fleeced by Washington. Yet we continue to elect clowns who are in it for themselves, at the expense of the nation. And if we’re Republican, we’ll defend the one with the R by his name until we’re blue in the face, while Democrats will defend the one with the D by his name until they’re likewise out of breath.

Do better, America.

Speaking of political hypocrisy

April 11th, 2022|Politics|

Have you noticed how snitty Republicans get when they’re called out for cynically sacrificing the well-being of vulnerable children to make political points?

— LA Times

That’s LAT columnist Robin Abcarian, discussing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s “fight” with Disney over the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Sacrificing the well-being of vulnerable children to make political points? Would that be something like a Disney exec admitting on internal video to inserting a gay agenda into children’s programming?

By the way: Abcarian might have her money on Disney, but if I were a betting man (I’m not, except for about once every three months when the Saturday night PowerBall jackpot approaches a couple hundred million) my money would be on DeSantis. I’d say he’s carefully choosing his battles and is well on his way to being the next President of the United States — with or without my vote. (Also, Rick Moran — not to be confused with Rick Moranis — makes a strong case for why this fight will hurt Disney a lot more than it will hurt DeSantis.)

Politics and hypocrisy

April 11th, 2022|Politics|

You want hypocrisy? How about Mitch McConnell blocking Barack Obama’s 11th hour Supreme Court nomination while defending his “duty” to push through Donald Trump’s nominee with a pious excuse about the “will of the voters” (whatever that was supposed to mean).

You want hypocrisy? How about Chuck Schumer and the Democrats screeching about Republicans’ hard-line questioning of SCOTUS pick Ketanji Brown Jackson after the circus Democrats subjected us to during the confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh.

The point, I suppose, is simply this: Neither Republicans or Democrats have a moral high road to claim when it comes to hypocrisy in politics. At the end of the day, both sides — all of us — are going to pick a hill to die on, based on whatever political ideologies we hold nearest to our heart.

My weekly column

CRT and Christianity: It’s complicated

April 11th, 2022|Christianity, Politics|

This is the exact wrong time to close Christian hearts and minds to thoughtful voices, including thoughtful voices who offer new approaches to our understandings of race and justice in the United States. You don’t have to agree. You can and should dissent when you sincerely believe ideas are wrong. But when activists shout “CRT” about ideas they don’t like, they’re not defending the faith, they’re often trying to block you from perspectives that Christian believers need to hear.

David French

This is one of the more thoughtful pieces on Critical Race Theory that you’ll find on the ‘net.

Putin, justified; Zelenskyy, bad

April 4th, 2022|Politics|

But what about Zelenskyy, the “new Churchill”?  On the plus side, Rickards acknowledges, he has “succeeded in presenting himself as a strong wartime leader, standing up to the big, bad Putin.” He’s telegenic, a fighter, and a PR genius. No wonder the U.S. Congress gave him a standing ovation. But he is also a complicated figure. As Rickards also notes, Zelenskyy is “a corrupt oligarch with millions of dollars hidden offshore. His acting skills have enhanced his propaganda efforts, but it doesn’t take much training to see how phony he is.” Moreover, “innocent civilians, including women and children, are dying under his failed leadership and inability to come to terms with Putin before the invasion began. In a nutshell, Zelenskyy bet on support from Biden and the West and lost.”

— Roger Kimball

Have you noticed that every, single one of these “conservative” columnists and commentators who are backing the pro-Russia narrative tend to stick to the same script? It’s a carefully-crafted prose (likely authored by Tucker Carlson) intended to sympathize with Vlad Putin without coming right out and praising him, while simultaneously vilifying Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy in an effort to discredit him. Any news out of Ukraine that appears to paint Putin and his army as the bad guy in the fight is dismissed as “propaganda,” and any news out of Ukraine that appears to bolster the Russian cause is propped up as gospel.

These are people who will harshly criticize the U.S. government — including Congress and the White House — for taking a hard-line stand against Russia, yet drape themselves in the American flag come July and label themselves patriots. It reeks of hypocrisy.

Stop littering!

April 4th, 2022|Human Nature|

I get it: Balloon releases are well-intended and can be pretty cool to watch and take part in. No one who releases balloons is saying, “Hey, let’s go dirty up the environment, y’all!”

But it’s an odd double-standard that we have in our society. Most people wouldn’t dream of chucking a piece of trash out their car window. And if a law enforcement officer saw you do it, you’d probably be issued a citation.

Letting a mylar balloon go is the exact same thing as throwing trash out your car window, and it’s time to start treating it as such.

No one is suggesting that people who release balloons are bad people. It’s just that this is an area where our society needs a little education. In many ways it’s similar to throwing cigarette butts out the window. Few people who flick out a cigarette butt onto the highway would throw out a pop bottle or even a gum wrapper. Yet they don’t think twice about their cigarette butts because we don’t associate cig butts with litter. Most people who are tossing their butts out the window aren’t bad people, but they need to be better educated on the fact that, yes, they are littering just as though they threw out a pop bottle.

And the same is true with releasing mylar balloons into the sky. What goes up must come down, and those balloons are going to land somewhere and remain there for years and years.

Repost from Independent Herald

Ouch, that might hurt…

April 4th, 2022|Baseball|

That’s Vanderbilt baseball coach Tim Corbin, after his 4th-ranked Commodores were swept by Tennessee in a 3-game series this past weekend.

The Vols are the most hated team in the SEC right now, but you get the feeling that Tony Vitello and his boys just don’t much care. They’re 9-0 in conference play, and eight of the nine games have been dominant wins. They’re 27-1 overall and have won 19 in a row. Their SEC record includes sweeps of the then-No. 1 team in America, the then-No. 4 team in America, and the team that won a series against the No. 4 team in America. Impressive is an understatement.

Can we stop?

March 30th, 2022|Politics, Pop Culture|

We know that had a white male slapped Chris Rock in defense of his wife’s honor, Haddish, Obama, Sharpton, Crump, BLM, the NAACP, and Hill would all be disproportionately outraged. There would be calls for the white actor to be stripped of his award, permanently banned from the Oscars, and jailed for several weeks or months.

None of that will happen to Smith because black elites will and have convinced the establishment that the bad behavior of black people should not be taken seriously. Black Lives Do Not Matter. White perpetrators matter.

Jason Whitlock

Why do we keep fanning the flames of racism, unnecessarily? Chris Rock vs. Will Smith was a black-on-black event. Why drag race into it at all?

Not that the conservative Whitlock is alone. On the opposite side comes this hot take from Jemele Hill, writing for The Atlantic:

I’m not saying that all Black people agree with Haddish or that all white people agree with Apatow and Stern; one poll found that, across racial lines, most Americans think Smith shouldn’t have slapped Rock. But I can’t help but notice the disproportionate outrage that many people in white America—and many in the Hollywood elite—are showing.

I think what Hill really meant is that if you’re white, you aren’t allowed to have an opinion about one black man slapping another. Because I have read a lot of comments on The Slap Heard ‘Round The World from my friends on Facebook. They’re overwhelmingly white, and I live in a rural part of the South (where racism is, theoretically, at least, much more prevalent than in the enlightened urban areas) and my friends by a very large margin tend to side with Smith, expressing support and even admiration that he “stood up for his wife.”

Personally, I don’t watch the Oscars. I don’t care that Rock insulted Smith’s wife, and I don’t care that Smith slapped Rock. I don’t care whether it was a real slap or whether it was scripted. I don’t care who takes Rock’s side and who takes Smith’s side. But, as an American, I’m really, really tired of seeing our thought influencers try to drag race into every single issue that confronts us. Can we just stop already?

Bankrolling the rich and wealthy

March 28th, 2022|Football, Politics|

Gov. Bill Lee’s representatives will meet with members of the state Legislature on Tuesday morning to request a $500 million increase in debt to help fund a professional football stadium in Nashville, two officials said.

The new bill will expand the state’s general-obligation debt ceiling by $500 million, according to sources close to the deal who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The funding is expected to be contingent on a new stadium being built with a roof, which would make the new venue more viable to host a Super Bowl.

» The Tennessean

Not that there’s anything new or earth-shattering about the governor’s proposal for taxpayers to help fund a football stadium, but I, for one, don’t think government should be involved in funding expensive stadiums for for-profit sports franchises that are privately owned by wealthy businessmen and that provide a place for millionaires to play ball. I’m a sports fan, but c’mon. Should we start naming the ways that $500 million could be better spent? How many miles of roads in rural Tennessee would $500 million pave?

The slap heard round the world

March 28th, 2022|Pop Culture|

“Wow, Will Smith just smacked the sh*t out of me,” Rock reacted.

“Get my wife’s name out of your f*cking mouth,” Smith yelled at the comedian.

“Wow, dude. It was a G.I. Jane joke,” Rock responded.

“Keep my wife’s name out of your f*cking mouth,” Smith yelled.

» RealClearPolitics

The entire internet is one giant Chris Rock vs. Will Smith meme today. I guess my only reaction is, “I sure am glad I don’t feel compelled to watch the Oscars…”

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