A Christmas Encounter
A short story. The legend of an old man and his coon hound in Scott County’s Capachene community. Based on a true story.
The Christmas Gift
A short story. Two East Tennessee families, intricately linked by circumstance — one in tragedy, the other in triumph — learn that “it is better to give than to receive.” Based on a true story.
Christmas at Mine No. 12
A short story. A Great Depression-era Christmas in a Scott County coal-mining community.
The Looking Glass
A short story. A swine flu outbreak, and secrets harbored by a bedroom mirror.
The Accused
Tracking a serial killer.
Not As They Seem
A find in the basement of a condemned house threatens to unlock a barrier between the living and the dead.
Little Eddie & the decrepit car
The story of a couple of south Scott County rednecks — one of them being your’s truly.
Little Eddie goes coon hunting
From the Little Eddie series, coon hunting misadventures in the Big South Fork backcountry.
Little Eddie goes to camp
From the Little Eddie series, misadventures at deer camp in the Scott County wilds.
Fishin’ at Wilbur’s Hole
Catching catfish in rural southeastern Kentucky.