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From left to right are Lewis Alexander Garrett (1868-1932), his father John Perry Garrett (1836-1912), and his great-grandfather Elijah "Caleb" Garrett Sr. (1777-1855).

The history of Garrett: Tracing the lineage from medieval Europe to Tennessee

The descendants of Lewis Alexander Garrett (1868-1932) — which include Maude A. Garrett, Warren Omar Garrett, Elza Oral Garrett, Henry Clayton Garrett, Serina Bell Garrett, William Theodore Garrett, Denver Elmer

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Orphan girl Angeline Moore was the first person to be buried at Chimney Rocks Cemetery — a.k.a. Slaven Cemetery — in the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area.

The mystery of Huckleberry Ridge

Across the southeastern United States in the winter of 1872, newspapers gave accounts of a brutal murder in the Cumberland Mountains of East Tennessee, with details that seemed more likely

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A view of the valley at Bull Creek from the edge of the most recent logging operation. Clear-cutting has left extensive scars along the mountainsides, and these operations result in New River (and the Big South Fork further downstream) being muddy much of the summer months, but the valley floor beneath the clear cuts is beautiful.

Victims of a shocking double-murder buried on a forgotten mountainside

The older I get, the more of a fan I become of old cemeteries. Not the well-kept and often-visited cemeteries so much as the forgotten cemeteries that have become lost

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