We must get back to living

When Americans were asked to “flatten the curve,” they did that. They closed their storefronts, they canceled trips, they stopped going to worship services and other social functions, and they stayed home. They sacrificed, often without question.

And, in the process, they were lied to.

When I wrote a story, in the early days of the pandemic, focused on some experts’ claims that 12 to 18 months of social distancing would be needed, I was laughed at. It was regarded as the most outlandish thing ever, because the foremost health experts in Western society weren’t talking about it, American politicians weren’t talking about, and the news media wasn’t talking about it.

As much as I have defended Dr. Fauci in all of this — and as much as I will continue to, when it’s warranted; he’s not the monster the truthers have made him out to be—there’s no way he didn’t know from Day One that a few months of social distancing would be insufficient to defeat this virus. Any common Joe who stopped long enough to think about it rationally would’ve realized that in a world where it takes as much as 18 months to develop, test, mass-produce and distribute a vaccine, this virus would not be eliminated in a matter of weeks or months. As a best-case scenario, the heat of summer would knock it back in the northern hemisphere, but that would only delay the inevitable, causing the so-called “second wave” to occur in fall or early winter.

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Ben Garrett

Ben Garrett is a journalist from East Tennessee. He is publisher of the Independent Herald, a weekly newspaper serving the Big South Fork region of the Cumberland Plateau, with a sideline in website development and digital marketing. He is also an erstwhile blogger.

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