For weeks, gun control advocates have picked at the “good guy with a gun” argument like buzzards pick at a deer carcass on the shoulder of a sun-baked Tennessee highway.

Since the horrific Uvalde massacre in May, when hundreds of armed “good guys” cowered first outside the Texas school and then in the hallway while a madman murdered students and their teachers from behind the safety of a locked door, proponents of gun bans have sneered that “good guys with a gun” can’t stop a “bad guy with a gun,” after all.

The abject failure of law enforcement officers in Uvalde — whose inaction still baffles the mind of any objective observer — wasn’t a death knell to the “good guy with a gun” argument. It was a complete breakdown of police training and policy. But that hasn’t dampened the glee of gun control advocates who think they’ve found a way to one-up the National Rifle Association’s rhetoric.

Last week, though, the “good guy with a gun” argument was proven true inside an Indianapolis shopping mall, where a rampaging murderer’s attack was cut short after just 15 seconds when a 22-year-old bystander — a “good guy with a gun” — turned the bad guy with a gun into a dead man with a gun. The bad guy killed three and wounded three more after firing 20 shots, but it could have been so much worse. He had much more ammunition to expend.

Most Americans are lauding the 22-year-old savior of an untold number of lives as a hero. But CNN isn’t “most Americans.” An op-ed published by CNN on Thursday attempts to minimize the heroism as just more propaganda by the NRA and conservatives.

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Published On: July 21st, 2022Categories: Gun Rights

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