Elon, don’t let these communist creeps stop you. Freedom of speech is the soul of America. Fight for it! Fight for all of us!

Do it and I might even buy a Tesla. The tech is cool, and I love the idea of a self-driving car (when it’s ready), even though I’m skeptical electric cars do much for the environment.

— Roger Simon, The Epoch Times

Maybe I’m too cynical for my own good, but color me skeptical that Elon Musk’s intentions are pure with regard to his attempted hostile takeover of Twitter.

Is Musk really willing to throw down $40-plus billion of his own hard-earned money to save free speech so that America doesn’t collapse on itself?

Not likely.

And even if his intentions are pure, what’s the likelihood that Musk turns the world’s most influential social networking platform into a true monument for free speech that can uphold itself successfully?

Even less likely.

Why? Because “free speech” is a lot more complex than it seems. Just ask Donald Trump. Frustrated by his treatment by Big Tech — which, admittedly, was a bit unfair — Trump launched Truth Social, which was supposed to be a free-speech zone. Except, it’s not.

Because it can’t be. It’s easy enough to say that you’re going to permit anything and everything that isn’t illegal speech. Until you start thinking about all the points of view that the 1st Amendment truly protects. Pedophilia…blatant racism…the list gets long in a hurry.

There’s a fine line. It’s a line that balances censoring dangerous and offensive speech without political favor or bias, of course. But straddling that line is more easily said than done, because perception is everything. What happens when a sitting president encourages people to riot in the streets of Chicago and tear down monuments? As soon as you censor his account, all of his followers are going to put you on blast.

There’s no doubt that Big Tech is biased against conservatives. And that’s a problem. Networks like Facebook and Twitter are far too engrained into our society today to be dismissed as non-consequential. Collectively, Big Tech has the ability to steer the public conversation and influence voters. (The censorship of the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story stands alone as the most outrageous example of Big Tech’s bias, and it may very well have single-handedly influenced the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.) Make no mistake: Big Tech’s treatment of conservative thought is a threat to democracy.

But do you know what else is a threat to democracy? Misinformation. And, sadly, Facebook and Twitter are safe havens for people with ill intent — both right here at home, among us, and foreign governments that are purposely stirring the pot to divide us. Truth Social had hardly launched before it began to see the same misinformation start to crop up.

And, for that reason alone, there will always be a need for censorship wherever the masses gather. A Twitter that is completely and solely owned by Elon Musk will not be much different from current Twitter. And even if Musk’s intentions are pure, he’ll soon realize that he has a monster by the tail and can’t control it.

That takes us back to the top. Does anyone really believe that Elon Musk doesn’t fully realize what he’s getting himself into? You don’t become the world’s wealthiest man unless you’re intelligent, and Musk is an extremely intelligent guy. Like most rich people, he also has an out-sized ego. So, no, Musk’s intentions probably aren’t pure. More probably, he’s being driven by his ego.

Published On: April 19th, 2022Categories: Human Nature, Politics

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