Three days after video emerged to clear the Covington Catholic High School teens of wrongdoing in their confrontation with a Native American protestor at the Lincoln Memorial, social justice warriors and their enablers in the crusading media are still going to great lengths to castigate the Kentucky private school and its students as bigots and racists.

On Tuesday, an old video emerged that shows Covington Catholic students wearing black body paint at a basketball game, yelling at a black player from an opposing team. The New York Daily News was quick to pop a story as the video spread on social media. Many other outlets have since followed suit.

The NYDN’s lede: “This won’t help Kentucky student Nick Sandmann’s case.”

This is manufactured racism at its very worst. It’s appalling journalism by the New York Daily News and every other outlet that raced to make this “news” in support of their original blunder over the Lincoln Memorial confrontation.

Of the 27 people from Covington Catholic whose faces are visible in the widely-circulated still frame from the video, four are wearing black paint.

Here’s the issue: Covington Catholic’s school colors are black and this was a “black-out” game.

Anyone who knows anything about high school sports and student sections knows that students often coordinate various themes for different games. Indeed, former Covington Catholic students have responded to this video by posting photos of themselves in beach garb for a Hawaiian-themed game.

It’s also not uncommon for schools to paint up in school colors. If the school’s primary color is red, they may paint themselves red. If the school’s primary color is blue, blue. And et cetera.

Further, it has not been uncommon in the past for college teams to coordinate “black-outs.” The New York Times had a story in 2008 about how the new trend was sweeping the sports world. And, as part of that, it hasn’t been uncommon for students to paint themselves black — as the following photo shows (University of Georgia students at a football game).

Nov 15, 2014; Athens, GA, USA; Georgia Bulldog fans cheer in their game against the Auburn Tigers at Sanford Stadium. Georgia won 34-7. Mandatory Credit: Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

In recent years, the use of black body paint has been frowned upon due to racial connotations; some have said that painting one’s face black recalls the use of “blackface,” which was once an important costume design to depict African-Americans — often in a mocking manner — in 19th century minstrel shows. In 2015, Arizona State University asked its students to stop wearing face paint to football games for that very reason.

But the Covington Catholic video in question was taken in 2012 — seven years ago, before calls to stop using black body paint! In 2012, many high school and college student sections still used black body paint (see the Georgia photo above).

So, essentially, the New York Daily News, Huffington Post and scores of others are alleging racism because Covington Catholic students did something that was common practice at the time. They dredged up a seven-year-old photo to prove that this “racism” exists at the school.

Making matters worse, the New York Daily News turns the tables back on Nick Sandmann, the teenage student at the center of last weekend’s controversy, by saying “this won’t help his case” — as if it’s fair to judge Sandmann by what happened at his school seven years ago — long before he was a student there.

The insistence of the so-called social justice warriors to continue making this an issue is disgusting. The mainstream media’s rush to aid them is alarming. Video evidence clearly shows that the Covington Catholic students — including Sandmann — did nothing wrong, yet there’s still a push to paint them as racists.

Meanwhile, Nathan Phillips — the Native American at the center of the controversy — has been proven to be a repeat offender when it comes to alleging racism and mistreatment, and it’s also been revealed that he has been lying about his status as a veteran of the Vietnam War. Yet, most media outlets continue to cast him is a victim.

It’s sad. Racism is alive and well in America, and stopping it is a cause that is done irreparable harm by manufactured racism, which is becoming increasingly common. The mainstream media, in its rush to help promote this manufactured racism, is also doing itself irreparable harm. The media, which has sadly transformed from critical question-askers and truth-seekers to agenda-driven crusaders, has significant egg on its face. Outside the political faction that desperately wants the Covington Catholic students to be guilty of racism and bigotry because it fits their narrative, the entire nation is looking at the mainstream media and shaking its head. Rather than backtracking and attempting to get its story straight, the media is doubling down, grasping at straws in a desperate effort to prove that it didn’t screw up in the first place.

Public mistrust in the media is already at an all-time high — not a good thing, considering how many news outlets are facing financial troubles. Rather than earn the trust of as many readers as possible, these outlets continue to hammer home their agendas, pandering to select political factions, with the Lincoln Memorial confrontation as a perfect example.

It’s sad.