In the run-up to Super Bowl 50, the NFL asked why Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is so polarizing. And, not surprisingly, they blamed it on race.

Newton showed during the fourth quarter of SB50 why he’s so polarizing. After spending the run-up to the big game talking himself up, Newton’s frustration got the better of him as the game progressed. In the game’s pivotal moment, when he was stripped of the ball by Denver’s Von Miller, he didn’t even attempt to fall on it. That gave the Broncos possession inside the 10-yard-line with under five minutes to play, allowing them to score a touchdown to clinch the game. Later, with three minutes left, Newton was seen screaming at a referee after being hit in the end zone.

But none of that could top Newton’s postgame press conference, where he generally came across as a spoiled, whiny juvenile, scowling and rolling his eyes and giving one-word answers to questions from reporters before finally getting up and stomping away from the podium.

Watch the end of it:

I get that it’s tough to face folks and answer questions after you lose a game, especially a game of this magnitude. But compare Newton’s postgame presser with Peyton Manning’s after the Broncos lost Super Bowl 48 to the Seahawks. And then understand why Cam Newton is so polarizing.

It certainly has nothing to do with race.