Writing for the National Journal, Josh kraushaar says the South Carolina primary revealed a path to victory for Marco Rubio:

Ru­bio’s goal will now be to per­form strongly in the sub­urb­an, col­lege-edu­cated ele­ments with­in the Su­per Tues­day SEC states (in Nashville, North­ern Vir­gin­ia, and the At­lanta sub­urbs, to name a few). It’s the con­stitu­ency that pro­pelled Mitt Rom­ney to vic­tory in 2012. If Ru­bio can hit enough South­ern del­eg­ate thresholds on Su­per Tues­day (a grow­ing pos­sib­il­ity giv­en the South Car­o­lina res­ults), he’d be po­si­tioned to take the del­eg­ate lead two weeks later with wins in his home state of Flor­ida and oth­er swing states hold­ing primar­ies that day. Trump may be the front-run­ner, but Ru­bio’s odds of win­ning the nom­in­a­tion have also nev­er been high­er.