The National Weather Service’s winter storm warning for the northern Cumberland Plateau is set to take effect at 1 a.m. The warning continues to call for 3-8 inches of snow, while the NWS’s zone forecast for Oneida calls for 4-8 inches of snow on Monday and 2-4 inches of snow Monday night. 

NWS-Nashville continues to call for 6-10 inches Monday and 1-3 inches Monday night in its zone forecast for Jamestown, while NWS-Jackson, Ky. continues to call for 6-10 inches Monday and 3-5 inches Monday night in its zone forecast for Whitley City, Ky.

For areas to our south, temperatures aloft are a key concern. Freezing rain and sleet are likely to be the primary precipitation types there, which is obviously much worse than snow. Ice can cause significant damage to trees and power lines under the right circumstances and while sleet won’t cause those issues, it does take significantly longer for significant sleet accumulations to melt from the roadways. And, of course, the snow lovers won’t like either of those precip types . . . because you can’t make sleet angels or ice cream. Wait . . . you can’t make ice angels or sleet cream. And, of course, it isn’t as nice to look at.

Anyway, as this storm continues to inch further north than most of the weather models indicate, and as it really appears set to pump warm air advection into the region, I will not be surprised to see sleet and freezing rain become the primary precipitation types even this far north. In fact, I sorta expect it. But as I’ve said all week, I’m just here for the discussion, not to forecast anything. I’m not an expert, and I’ll leave the forecasting to those who are. Me, I’ll just be sitting here watching the sky and hoping for what could potentially be our biggest snow in many years.

Or what could potentially be one messy sleet fest.